Episode 1 - The Long Man

Thanks to Pat, and Billy for giving their contrasting views of the Long Man and life in Wilmington from the perspective of a teenager and an octogenarian.

Thanks to Philip Carr Gomm for an interesting chat about the significance of sacred sites.  His book The Druids Way covers a lot of the ground talked about in this episode and you can find it here.

Also thanks to Duncan, from the Long Man Brewery, you can find out more about their fine beers here.

If you'd like to read more about the Long Man, and the landscape around him, here's a link to the first and still the best book on the subject by Rodney Castleden. 

Another good book on chalk figures is this one by Paul Newman.

Big thanks to Belinda for setting up most of the interviews for this episode!  She's a very talented metalworker and you can find her stuff here.


Thank you to Frank, he's the Vicar at Wilmington Church, and another skilled artist, carving amazing things from wood.  Here is a link to one of his books.  He restored the lion figurehead outside the Star Inn at Alfriston.